Muscle Strain and Injury Treatment in Conception Bay South

Calming Hands in Conception Bay South provides healing and relief for clients suffering with a variety of physical ailments – from muscle strain from a sports injury to a sore back due to pregnancy, Stephanie can ease your pain and stress. My massage types include:

  • Deep tissue massage: realigns and kneads away stress in the body's connective tissues
  • Lymphatic drainage massage: treats lymphedema, helping to remove the fluid that can accumulate after lymph node removal during surgery
  • Pregnancy massage: Soothes tense, sore muscles, relieves muscle spasms and improves circulation so you can relax before giving birth
  • Sports massage: enhances pre-event training, reduces recovery time and fatigue, improves flexibility and endurance, and prevents injuries
  • Relaxation Massage: a gentle massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax. There is less emphasis on getting muscles to release, and more emphasis on ensuring you’re comfortable and relaxed.
  • Foot massage: improves circulation and helps relieve the pain of flat feet and plantar fasciitis 
  • Head massage: releases tight scalp and neck muscles to increase blood flow and ease stress, helping you focus and sleep better
  • Tendonitis massage: stimulates a mild local inflammatory response, enabling strained scar tissue to heal
  • Neuromuscular therapy massage: relaxes muscle spasms and increases blood flow to affected areas
  • Chair massage/wheelchair massage: a quick and easy way to revitalize your body, gain more energy and relax your muscles

For more information about my massage services or to book an appointment with a fully trained and qualified massage therapist, contact Calming Hands today.

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